Dealer Agreement Addendum BuyerShield Limited Warranty

In consideration of the agreements contained herein to be mutually kept and performed, CornerStone United, Inc. (Company) and Dealership (Dealer) agree to the following pertaining to Eligible Automobile Vehicles (Vehicles):

  1. Dealer
    1. This is an ALL OR NOTHING pogram wherein dealer agrees to activate the BuyerShield limited warranty on all eligible retail deals. Eligible is defined as every car purchased with a BuyerShield 3/500 that has been retailed within 90 days of original purchase that has less than 500 miles from the purchase miles.
    2. Agrees to activate all eligible BuyerShield limited warranty contracts at time of retail sale.
    3. Agrees to allow Company to audit, during the term of this agreement and six (6) months after the expiration of any contract issued pursuant hereto, at all reasonable times at the office of the Dealer, the books, records, cost of parts, labor involved, and any and all such other information of the Dealer pertaining to the rendering of covered repairs and program hereunder. Company agrees not to use any information so acquired for any purpose other than as contemplated herein.
    4. Agrees that failure to comply with a., b., and c. above will result in termination of the Dealer’s ability to offer the Buyer Shield program. Termination of the BuyerShield Limited Warranty program does not affect the Dealer’s ability to continue to offer the CornerStone Extended Service Contract and Ancillary programs.
    5. Understands that BuyerShield Limited Warranties must be issued on the same date that the Vehicles are sold to customer, in order for coverage to begin on the issue date.
    6. Understands that BuyerShield Limited Warranties that are not issued on the same date that the Vehicles are sold to customers will not be honored. Any claims occurring on the Vehicles will be the responsibility of either the Dealer or the customer.
    7. Agrees to utilize CornerStone United, Inc. service contracts during the term of this agreement.
    8. Acknowledges that Company’s Limited Warranties only cover repairs to covered components that fail after the time of the retail sale of the Vehicles to customers and that Dealer will be responsible for repairs to components that fail or are not working prior to the retail sale of the Vehicles to customers.
    9. Agrees to complete and remit to Company a BuyerShield Limited Warranty on all eligible Vehicles.

  2. Company
    1. Agrees to accept from Dealer valid, properly registered and activated BuyerShield Limited Warranties on Vehicles.
    2. Agrees to act as Dealer’s representative in administering BuyerShield Limited Warranties issued under this Addendum.
    3. Agrees to pay Dealer, or on Dealer’s behalf, all reasonable and customary costs to repair or replace component(s) provided protection under the provisions of the BuyerShield Limited Warranty.

  3. Termination
    1. This Addendum can be terminated by either party at any time.
    2. Upon termination by either party, all obligations hereunder shall cease; provided however, that Company shall continue its administration and libility for all BuyerShield Limited Warranties issued and properly registered by the Dealer and administrated by Company prior to the termination date.